Bullis Seamstress

 Buddy Bison Seamstress

"I am a really good sewer and I guess Mrs. Cohen knew that too. I was just walking through the hall and then I saw Mrs. Cohen. She asked me if I could sew a Buddy Bison for her and she would take a picture of it and send it to the Buddy Bison website. I said yes.

When I got home I told my mom and dad about the project and they loved it. 

My mom started to find a sewing pattern for a bison. She found the pattern, but it took a few weeks to arrive.  When the sewing pattern finally came, me and mom found out what fabric we needed. So we went to the fabric store and got the fabric.
When we got home, we started to cut out the pieces. We noticed that some of the fabric was too stretchy, and stretchy fabric is really hard to sew. So my dad and I went back to the fabric store and got the right fabric.

Finally we got to sew and the sewing pattern was really hard, so my dad helped me a whole lot with the bison.

Then after we stitched our last stitch and sewed on our last button, we were finally done. 
So the next day I brought in the bison and showed Mrs. Cohen and she was so happy and I was happy too."

-Rachel 5th Grade