Vento: A Night to Treasure

Earlier this month, I was honored to accompany Christina Stroman and LaTia Cook, 6th grade Washington Middle School for Girls students, when they presented me, Buddy Bison (!) to Representative Mike Simpson (ID) and congratulated him for his outstanding record in Congress to preserve and protect our parks, public lands and water. Christina and LaTia also did a magnificent job talking about their park experiences including their meeting with new Department of the Interior Secretary Sally Jewell.

I want students to look up to me as a great scientist. Maybe I will be the first scientist to bring animals back from extinction, like the whooping crane, and then their real mothers can feed them as they should.” – LaTia Cook

After my three trips this year, I want my mother to take me to many more parks in and around our great city of Washington. And where-ever I go, I promise to bring along Buddy Bison for some pictures, so you can follow me as I discover the beauty of nature.” – Christina Stroman

I know they will grow up to be great leaders and role models in the environmental field; one day we will be looking to them for advice on how to protect our plants, animals and parks. Right now, Christina and La Tia are taking advantage of every opportunity to get outside and explore new things. I hope you are too!